Behavior at Sporting Events

In an effort to maintain a SAFE, orderly and enjoyable environment at home sporting events, Little Rock Christian Academy asks parents review the behavior expectations with their children before attending a game.

  • All students 5th-12th grade will need ID/Pass to enter events free.
  • PLEASE, NO ROLLING DEVICES inside the stadium ie: skateboards, hover- boards, scooters etc
  • All students Pre K - 8th grade are encouraged to enter the game with an adult.
  • All students must be seated or in designated area during the game. Do not go on the field or floor.
  • LRCA students do not go on visitor side of field/gym.
  • Students cannot bring any personal balls in the gym from outside.
  • Do not go outside the gym or the gates of Warrior Field during a game.
  • Playing with footballs and soccer balls will be allowed only in the designated area at Warrior Field. Balls outside of designated area will be collected by the supervisor.
  • Concessions are available at all sporting events. After going to the concession stand, students should return to their seat or designated area.
  • Always exhibit good sportsmanship, examples:
    • Be respectful during the National Anthem, prayer, school songs, and player introductions.
    • Never boo or yell at officials or opposing players.
    • Cheer for the Warrior players!
    • Represent LRCA in a positive manner.
    • Be respectful of other students and adults attending the game.

We want your child safe AND our fans to be able to watch the game without distraction.

Go Warriors!

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