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Parent Teacher Fellowship


The Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) at Little Rock Christian Academy is made up of volunteer parents who desire to serve the staff, students and families in a way that glorifies Christ and supports the mission of the school. Warriorville is strengthened by the passionate commitment, dedicated service and financial support of this well-oiled organization. All Warrior parents are members of the PTF.

For more information, please contact President Megan Garrison at


Board of Directors

Each year, a Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating and placing interested volunteers into PTF Leadership positions.  Every effort is taken to match an interested volunteer with a position which complements their talents, interests, and abilities.  Please click here for more information or to nominate an individual for PTF Leadership.


PTF Board of Directors 2018-19: 

President Megan Garrison
President Elect Courtney Head
Secretary April Pennington
Secretary Elect Erin Carter
Treasurer Stacey Knoernschild

Treasurer Elect Jennifer Pledger
Communications Officer Evie Scherrey
Communications Officer Elect Shannon McNulty
VP Development Cathy Gammill
VP Development Elect Natalie Shelley
VP Community Renee Steele
VP Community Elect Heather Patterson
VP Services Kelli Greenwood
VP Service Elect Sarah Ross
VP Friends of the Arts Laura Greenway
VP Friends of the Arts Elect Suzanne Waters
VP Elementary Courtney Head
VP Elementary Elect Lindsey Walt
VP Middle School Leigh Ann Horton
VP Middle School Elect Amber Edge
VP Junior High Candice Whitlock
VP Junior High Elect Jill Martin
VP High School Stacey Covington
VP High School Elect Ashley Wadsworth

The PTF Board meets the first Monday of the month in the High School Leadership Lab.

Friends of the Arts

The PTF Friends of the Arts Team is led by VP Fine Arts Laura Greenway and Susanne Waters and supports the following programs or events which are specific to the LRCA Fine Arts Program :

  • Coordinates Parent Shepherds of Fine Arts Groups
  • Fall Play
  • Christmas Concerts
  • Spring Musical
  • May Fine Arts Festival
  • Fine Arts Staff Appreciation

Team Status: OPEN – Any LRCA parent is welcome

If you are interested in joining the Fine Arts team, please email:  Laura Greenway-

Calendar 2018/19

Parent Teacher Fellowship Fall 2018 Programs & Events:


  • 8th – Back to School Fiesta for LRCA Staff 11:30am High School Commons
  • 9th – Back to School “Joining the Journey” New Family Orientation & Social 6:30pm Warrior Hall
  • TBD – School Tool Box distribution EL/MS/JH (1-4pm)
  • 17th – Tears & Cheers – LRCA Parent Coffee   8:15 am  Athletic Training Center (adjacent to Elementary building
  • 30th and 31st- Elementary Homeroom Mom Training  8:30-9:30 am


  • 6th- JH Social (Warrior Field) 6:30-8:00pm
  • 7th- Warrior GLOW (JH Lawn), 6:00-8:30 pm
  • 12th- Moms In Prayer Kickoff (Warrior Hall upstairs conference room)
  • 21st -28th – Warrior Blitz – school wide


  • 9th - Fall Instrumental Concert 7:00pm (Friends of the Arts)
  • 15th – Accelerated Reading Store
  • 16th - Fall Choir Concert 7:00pm (Friends of the Arts)
  • 22nd -26th – Box Tops for Education Collection Week
  • 27th- 3rd/4th Grades Mother/Son Basketball Tournament 


  •  1st-4th - "12 Angry Jurors" Fall Play (Friends of the Arts)
  • 29th - Instrumental Christmas Concert 7pm (Friends of the Arts)


  • 5th – 7th– Christmas Staff Appreciation EL/MS/JH/HS
  • 6th - Grade 2 Christmas Musical 8:30am & 6:30pm (Friends of the Arts)
  • 7th - Choir Christmas Concert 7:00pm (Friends of the Arts)
  • TBD – Accelerated Reading Store


  • Renew your kroger cards!


  • 19th-22nd- Box Tops Collection Week
  • 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th- Staff Appreciation Days
  • 24th- Sissy Goff and David Thomas Parent Seminar 1:30pm


  • 4th-7th- Spring Musical "Meet Me in St. Louis" (Friends of the Arts)
  • 26th- Grandparent’s Day


  • School Tool Box Sales 
  • Junior High Graduation (during APP)
  • 24th- End of the Year Celebration/Mini Olympics (Elementary & Middle School)


Volunteers are a key to success on any school campus!  Connect with one of our division leaders and get plugged into a number of programs and events already underway:

VP Friends of the Arts Laura Greenway
VP Friends of the Arts Elect Suzanne Waters

VP Elementary Courtney Head
VP Elementary Elect Lindsey Walt

VP Middle School Leigh Ann Horton
VP Middle School Elect Amber Edge

VP Junior High Candice Whitlock
VP Junior High Elect Jill Martin

VP High School Stacey Covington
VP High School Elect Ashley Wadsworth

LRCA Campus Code: 


Get Organizer Help:
Instructions on Adding your Event or Program

Moms in Prayer

The vision of Moms in Prayer International is that every school in the world would be covered in prayer.  We believe that lives and whole communities are changed forever when moms gather together to pray to the only One who can change a human heart. 


Moms in Prayer meet each Wednesday morning at 8:15am in the Indoor Athletic Facility (Building 1).  


Leader: Anna Goad



Interested in PTF Sponsorship?

Local businesses may support Little Rock Christian Academy through sponsorship of a Parent Teacher Fellowship program or event.  These sponsorships provide direct exposure to nearly 950 families, 1500 students, parents and grandparents.

The PTF Team would love to talk to you more about sponsorship and develop a plan specific for your business needs!  

Please email

Funded Projects

Parent Teacher Fellowship Funded Projects 2007-2018:

  • Barricades – $3,939
  • Bus Supplement – $5,000
  • Campus Enhancements – $30,800
  • Defibrillators – $5,000
  • EAC Microphones – $3,000
  • Elementary Awnings – $150,000
  • Elementary Cabinets – $82,000
  • Elementary Rock Work – $1,800
  • Elementary Sound System – $15,000
  • Fine Arts Supplement – $6,982
  • Football Field Donation – $7,500
  • High School Recycling Club – $200
  • High School Science Lab Cabinets – $3,000
  • Interior Enhancements to MS, JH, HS – $10,000
  • Library – $93,690
  • LRCA Staff Professional Growth – $10,000
  • Maintenance Truck – $5,500
  • Middle School Lunchroom Tables – $20,642
  • Middle School Cabinets – $7,000
  • PE Equipment – $1,419
  • Picnic Tables – $3,000
  • Playground Basketball Goals – $3,000
  • Playground Equipment – $15,056
  • Promethean Boards/ Projectors/ Large Screen Technology – $85,000
  • Sidewalk – $18,000
  • Technology – $183,000
  • Valley Foods Supplement – $35,000
  • Warrior Hall – $50,000
  • West Entrance – $38,000
  • Elementary Indoor Recess Items – $1500
  • Fine Arts (Visual Arts): Digital Camera and Accessories – $2200
  • Instrumental Arts – $5000
  • Performing Arts – $1000
  • Vocal Arts – Music – $300
  • Elementary STEM Lab – $11,200
  • Chrome Books – Phase 1 – $66,000
  • Chrome Books – Phase II – $90,180
  • Chrome Book Cart Elementary – $6,520
  • Theater Room Enhancements – $4,000
  • Band Room Recording Capabilities – $2,000
  • Enhancements to Junior High Media Center – $8,000
  • Elementary Classroom Reader Sets – $750
  • Rubber Mulch for Elementary Playground- $34,794
  • Middle School/Junior High Volleyball Net- $2,950
  • High School Ice Machine/Microwave- $3,975
  • Senior Capstone Funding- $2,000
  • Learner Services Textbooks & Assessment Kits- $5,500
  • Middle School/Jr High Gaga Ball Pit- $17,792
  • Continuing Education Pilot Fund for Upper & Lower School Faculty- $10,000
  • Professional Development Faculty Reading Texts- $1,700
  • Elementary Gaga Ball Pit
  • Purchase of new Elementary readers for classroom use (K-4th grades)
  • Travel expenses for our Middle School Destination Imagination team to attend Global Finals in Tennessee
  • Installation and purchase of Ice Machine in Junior High Teacher workroom
  • Professional Development Funds for Lower & Upper School faculty
  • Art supplies and Musical Instruments for Elementary Arts Programs
  • Travel Expenses for All-State Fine Arts High School students
  • Learner Services scanners, shredders, and whiteboards
  • Color Printers for Middle School and Junior High Fine Arts students
  • Assisting with renovation of the High School Commons/Lunch Room facilities
  • 2 sets of Hartness-style tables and chairs for High School students
  • Funding of Senior Capstone student research projects
  • Partial funding (partnership with Warrior Club & Advancement office) of a new LRCA school bus
  • Grandparents’ Day Performance Audio/Visual Upgrades

In addition to the list above, PTF joyfully provides many wonderful events and services at LRCA, including:

  • Back-to-School Staff Fiesta
  • Tears & Cheers Back-to-School Parent Reception
  • Staff Christmas Luncheons & Gifts
  • 3rd/4th grade Daddy/Daughter Dance
  • Accelerated Reader Program and Store
  • 3rd/4th Grade Mom/Son Basketball Tournament
  • Elementary Grandparents’ Day
  • Middle School GLOW
  • Middle School End-of-the-Year Event
  • Junior High Life Choices Day
  • Junior High Promotion
  • High School Donut Days
  • Staff Appreciation Week
  • Social Media Parent Presentation
  • Chick-fil-A Week
  • Wild About Warriors Carnival & Silent Auction
  • Moms In Prayer
  • Box Tops Fundraiser
  • School Tool Box Sales
  • Faculty & Staff Meals & Treats throughout the Year