Parent Ambassadors

The Parent Ambassador program will support the integration of new families into the school community and culture with intention and purpose.  

Parent Ambassadors will provide meaningful support to new families through one-on-one outreach.  They reach out throughout the school year to share or reinforce important information and to be a source of knowledge and enthusiasm.  Parent Ambassadors will be encouraged to reach out to their assigned family at least once monthly, and invite them to coffee or lunch periodically.  LRCA Admissions will provide note cards to the Parent Ambassadors so that they can also send hand written notes of encouragement throughout the year.

LRCA Parent Ambassadors are meant to provide an authentic perspective of LRCA's biblical worldview, academic programs, co-curricular opportunities, and enduring relationships among students and teachers.  The parent ambassadors will be that bridge for new parents in terms of building peer-to-peer networks and helping to provide opportunities for them to become engaged.

Various opportunities are available to serve in this program.  Please email Jill Martin, LRCA Director of Admissions, for further information.