9 Reasons Why a Little Rock Christian Education IS Worth the Investment

  1. EDUCATION:  LRCA uniquely provides a strong college-preparatory education while balancing vibrant and successful academic, artistic, and athletic pursuits.  


  1. ENGAGEMENT:  Smaller class sizes combined with robust academics promote personalized instruction, fewer distractions, and sound individualized learning.  


  1. LEADERS:  Your children will learn from a stellar faculty composed of highly respected leaders in their educational fields, many of whom hold advanced degrees.  LRCA faculty and staff regularly seek enrichment experiences to keep them ever fresh and on the cutting edge of their disciplines.  


  1. BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW:  Little Rock Christian’s curriculum is more than meeting for weekly chapel or starting each day with prayer and the pledge.  All subjects are taught through the lens of God’s word emphasizing the grace and truth of Jesus.  We are about educating the hearts of our students while also educating their minds.  Students are prepared to be highly functioning, mature young Christian men and women who bring a biblical frame of reference to any area of study, work, or life.


  1. UNITY:  Warriorville is not just a school community.  It’s a family.  Students of all ages interact with and learn from one another through mentoring during Spiritual Equipping Week, Warrior Pals, Cross Campus Launch, Warrior Walk, Homecoming parades, services opportunities, events, and more.  There are hosts of opportunities where different grades come together to bond and encourage one another.



  1. SPECIALIZED:  Each building on campus zeroes in on the unique developmental needs of their specific students’ age group.  Elementary - The House of Love,  Middle School - The House of Joy,  Junior High - The House of Enthusiasm, and   High School - The House of Warriors.  


  1. EXPLORATION:  Extensive co-curricular offerings abound from elementary to high school.  Whether your child enjoys soccer or singing, gardening or gears, chess, or changing the world, a plethora of opportunities exist for pursuing passions and talents or exploring new ideas and skills.  



  1. BEYOND: The primary goal of the LRCA Academic & College Counseling department is to meet the needs of 100% of students and families as they prepare for life and success after high school. Test scores consistently range well above state and national averages.  The Class of 2020 garnered a school record of over $18.4 million dollars in scholarship offers. 


9.PRICELESS: The value of a Little Rock Christian Academy education is incalculable.  The earthly investment pales in comparison to the eternal and educational benefits.  Warriorville is truly a place like NOWHERE ELSE.