Vehicle Registration

To register a student vehicle on the LRCA campus, please read the following guidelines, then signify your agreement to comply with these guidelines by completing the Vehicle Registration Form

LRCA’s traffic and parking rules are designed to create a safe environment for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists, and to provide for the community's daily transit needs. Your cooperation is essential in protecting life and property.

Parking Stickers will be issued at the High School office and are to be placed in the front, driver's side window. This will allow them to be visible upon entering campus. 


The grounds of LRCA are private property, giving the school the right to take action against violation of the parking and traffic regulations. Please remember that driving and parking of a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege, which may be withdrawn at any time by the administration of Little Rock Christian Academy.


  • Licensed high school students are permitted to bring vehicles to school after vehicle registration is completed.
  • All drivers are required to display extreme caution on and off campus at all times.
  • Student vehicle must be registered through the school office and have parking permit displayed as directed.
  • Students will not be permitted to move vehicles while on campus.
  • Students are not allowed to go to their vehicles during any time of the day without permission.
  • Once parked, the vehicle must remain parked until departure.
  • Drivers must park in designated areas.
  • Drivers must not spin their wheels, do figure “8’s” or make loud noises with vehicles.
  • Drive safely on school campus and on roads to and from school.


  • The speed limit on school grounds is 20 miles per hour.
  • The speed limit within the parking areas is 10 miles per hour.
  • Student vehicles (including motorcycles) may only be driven on roadways. Sidewalks are for pedestrians.
  • Use of cell phones while driving is strictly prohibited.
  • Headlights must be turned-on from dusk until dawn while driving within the school campus.
  • Drivers must follow all traffic and street signs inside the campus. Alteration, removal and defacing of any signage are prohibited.
  • Driving, road and pedestrian courtesy must be observed at all times.
  • Load and unload in designated areas only.


  • Parking is allowed only in designated areas. It is strictly prohibited to park on driveways, sidewalks and loading zones.
  • Cars must be parked properly and may not occupy two parking slots.

Violating one or more of these privileges will be dealt with as a discipline issue and consequences levied through the High School Administration office.