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Graduating from Little Rock Christian Academy may feel like the end of an era, but it is just the beginning! When you exit these doors, we know you will experience new and exciting changes in your life. We want to know about them!

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Alumni Council Contact List (Updated 10/2017)


Stephen Carlisle 1997

Adam Head 1999

Courtney Head 2001

Kirstin Swindler Johnson 2002

Ruthie Leggett Thicksten 2002

Mary Ann Short Struthers 2003

Dr. David Rainwater 2003

Robert Gerke 2004

Lindsey Scholl Greenwald 2005

Mason Lewis 2005

Taylor and Emily Critz Ramey 2005

Whitney Smith 2006

Sarah Berry 2006

Katie Harrison 2006

Sadie Smith 2007

Kendra Stuart 2007

Meagan Snipes Kinley 2008

Bekah Broglen 2008

Chase Rackley 2009

Jonathan Curry 2010

David Winkler 2011

Caroline Groustra 2012

Lauren Brown Linz 2012

Connor Van Hemert 2012

Hayden Henderson 2014

Alex Blankenship 2015

Will Clark 2015

Mattie Leech 2016

Ragan Hall 2016

Spencer Burton 2016

Addison Bates 2017

Ken Shew, Jr. 2017

For additional information on alumni relations,
please contact Cindy McLeod or Heather Bennett

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