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The following is helpful Information regarding required paperback titles for 2018-2019 English and Biblical Worldview classes. Unlike textbooks that are issued and returned, these quality texts are personal for each student and form part of their ever-growing individual library.

We would love to take a minute to explain the purchase options and answer a few questions.


If convenience is a priority for your busy family

Buy the required books through BBA Solutions. We welcome this new partnership with a LRCA family-owned business that is also a nationwide book distributor located here in west LR. This partnership advances our mission of serving families, churches, and the community and also provides a convenient way to obtain the texts.

Purchasing through BBA Solutions offers surety of correct editions, optional home delivery, and clean copies, free of previous markings. 

  • To have books shipped to your home ($4.95 fee), email LRCA@BBASOLUTIONS.COM and include: student's name, course package needed, and your shipping address. Once the email is received, a square link will be sent and you will pay via credit card. Then, your order will be processed and shipped.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email BBA at LRCA@BBASOLUTIONS.COM.


Important notes for purchasing texts on your own


Ensuring the correct texts

Whether purchasing new or used or using a copy your family already has, please check the number on the back of the book (ISBN) to see that it matches.

Shopping online

We recommend a large seller such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble. They will likely have the required editions in stock, and they typically offer used as well as new copies.

Buying at a local bookstore

Although local booksellers may have many of the titles in stock, you will likely have to shop at more than one retailer and purchase some titles online. It is unlikely that the Vocabulary Workbooks or the Prestwick Editions will be found in stores.

May students bring used copies to class?

Yes, students may bring used copies to class.

What are the challenges of using previously-owned books?

Because teaching annotation skills and using annotations as part of regular classroom discussion, the responsibility falls on the student to evidence original annotations (i.e. using an agreed upon/teacher approved color of ink or symbol set) when annotations are graded.

May we purchase a different edition of the same title?

Because different editions usually have different page numbers, it makes it hard to follow along in class and keep up with the discussion. For this reason, we strongly discourage a different edition.

May students use a digital edition?

Yes. Students will need to make sure they always have digital access meaning the chromebook is charged and ready to go and that the digital format does not overly tempt them to do other things while using the chromebook.

Why is annotation important?

We are glad you asked! We invite you to click on the links below to learn more about why respected educators continue to propose annotation skills as a way to increase retention, understanding, and critical thinking.

If you have any questions, please contact Kim Fullerton on the High School Administrative Team.

Required Paperback Texts: