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Little Rock Christian Academy


Food Service "Sprouts"

The campus food service owned and operated by Little Rock Christian Academy!

Tasty menu options with many favorites and best sellers are available. Healthy, flavor-packed recipes - no fried foods, only baked and oven crisped choices.






Here’s how it works:

Elementary school is offered one hot meal per day from a preset menu (entrée plus 2 sides and a drink) or optional combos below for $4.25. Milk, water and juice may be purchased separately. No a la carte options will be available in elementary in order to simplify the selection process. Each morning when class attendance is taken, your elementary student will be asked what they are ordering for lunch or if they brought their lunch, so it is same-day ordering just as before.

MS/JH/HS students will choose as they progress through the food line what they want from the available Café Classics (preset hot plate menu items), The Grille Company (burgers, chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, etc.) and Garden and Deli Depot (fresh salads, sandwiches, wraps, fruit parfaits, etc.). After selection, they will proceed to a cashier and swipe their school-issued ID card for deduction from their online MyPaymentsPlus account.

For elementary students ages PreK-4thgrade:

  • Hot plate lunch which includes one entrée, two sides and a drink (water, juice or milk) $4.25
  • Sandwich of the Day Combo (sandwich, pretzels or veggie sticks, fruit or dessert, drink) $4.25
  • Chicken Nugget Pak Combo (5 chicken nuggets, carrot sticks, pretzels, dessert, drink) $4.25
  • Micro Chicken Nugget Pak Combo (3 chicken nuggets, carrot sticks, dessert, drink) $3.00
  • PBJ Pak Combo (PB&J sandwich, carrot sticks, pretzels, dessert, drink) $4.25
  • Extra Milk, water and juice $0.80 each

For Middle School, Junior High and High School:

  • Hot plate lunch which includes one entrée, two sides and a drink $5.25
  • A la carte grill items @ various pricesA la carte garden and deli items @ various prices
  • Variety of fountain and bottled drinks @ various prices


What you need to know:

The lunch program uses a prepayment program using the same MyPaymentsPlus Online Prepayment System as in years past. This prepaid account will be debited each time your child eats lunch at Sprouts. Please note payments may also be brought to the LRCA business office (made payable to “Valley Services”) which will be forwarded for credit to your lunch accounts.

Families are encouraged to download the MyPaymentPlus app for your mobile device and set low balance notification alerts for each student. From the app, you are also able to view the itemized list of purchases from each student's account.

Account holders will not be allowed to go into a negative balance. Once an account reaches $0.00 the student will not be allowed to purchase from the regular options but instead will be given a prepared brown bag of cheese crackers, fruit and carrot sticks at a cost of $2.00 to their account until the account is reloaded.


We look forward to feeding your families. Should you have any questions please contact Sprouts Food Service office @ 975-3446 or email


Good things are growing around here!