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Lunch Menus

At LRCA, we understand that research shows students who eat well-balanced meals perform better in school. Providing fun and variety in our meal offerings to meet the needs of our students and families is the goal. 

We are evaluating the food choices that are most appealing to and nutritious for our lower school students while creating them consistently well and at an affordable cost to our families.

In upper school, we are focused on variety and nutritional demands. We serve food and snacks throughout the day customized to our students. These offerings include full plate lunches, fruits and fresh vegetables, garden salads, sandwiches, fruit smoothies, espresso, and light breakfast items.  

Additionally, it is important for parents to be able to monitor their students’ food choices. Parents can see ALL charges made to their student billing account  including food purchases made through Sprouts. The FACTS billing system allows parents the opportunity to monitor their child’s food purchases in real time and monitor and control cumulative balances without having to go to another website. 

Menu Pricing