Parent Announcements

The Harkness Approach Brings Student-Centered, Discussion-Based Learning to LRCA

In this article, Dr. Justin Smith, LRCA Upper School Head and Vice President, describes the Harkness approach of collaboration and learning. The Harkness table offers a neutral, safe place for students to test out ideas, interpretations, and applications with peers and an expert teacher. Not only do students grow in their understanding of content, they also develop invaluable communication skills as they navigate discussions and learn to learn from others, digging deeper and using textual evidence to support their points.

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National Art Educator's Regional Competition

Ten students from Little Rock Christian Academy submitted artwork to the National Art Educator's Regional Art Competition. Teachers from around the Central Arkansas Region selected up to ten of their students' artwork. First, Second, Third place, and two Honorable Mentions were awarded in each grade. Little Rock Christian recieved four awards of the ten students who participated.

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The Science of "YouScience"

LRCA is excited to announce a partnership with YouScience, creator of the innovative new program called the YouScience Pro le. With this program, students will discover their unique "blueprint" through the revolutionary intersection of aptitudes, interests and personality. It's a completely new way to understand where a student will succeed and allows LRCA to deliver even more effective and accurate guidance.

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KRUN Week 9

"Write, Camera, Action - K-RUN" is a literacy club for 4th graders designed for writing, reporting, and broadcasting. Students choose to write stories based on interviews they conduct. They then work on writing and revising their stories. The stories are then filmed in the sound loft at Warrior Hall in front of a green screen. K-RUN is aired on Friday mornings in the elementary school.

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