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As we approach the end of this year and the time to recognize academic accomplishments, we wanted to inform you of the updates to our Honors Night format. In order to improve this ceremony, we have moved toward a more collegiate model for honoring our students. We hope these changes will translate into recognizing more students and giving this time its proper dignity.

The most significant change to the 2016-2017 Honors Convocation will be that fewer awards are given out. There will no longer be awards given to the students with the top grades in each section of a course. Our motivation for this change is simply to recognize a greater number of unique students. This change shifts the definition of excellence away from perfection on assessments towards the total process of learning

We will also designate three levels of awards to students.
  • The first level is known as Departmental Honors. Characterized by their scholarship, these students contribute to their classes, enrich discussion, and perform at a consistently high academic level.
  • The second level is Distinguished Scholars. Marked by their passion for the subject in addition to their scholarship, Distinguished Scholars will more than likely continue their studies in their chosen subject past LRCA into college and careers. This intrinsic interest in the field leads them to deeper learning and appreciation.
  • The final level receives the Legacy Award. Recognized by their excellence, these students possess scholarship and passion as well as continue a legacy of excellence left by students and teachers before them. Legacy Award winners are the most outstanding students in their subject that year. Freshman and Sophomore Awards will recognize these students with the Reach Award, as we applaud them for their distinguished work thus far and encourage them to continue striving to be excellent.

We will continue to recognize Warrior Awards, AP Scholars, and various scholarship award winners during this time as well.

Additionally, we would like to encourage all juniors and seniors to make the effort to attend this ceremony. In the same way that we celebrate athletic and artistic accomplishments together, we should celebrate these academic achievements together too.

Please save these dates and times and make plans to attend:

Junior and Senior Honors Convocation
Monday, May 8th at 7 p.m. in Warrior Hall

Freshman and Sophomore Honors Convocation
Wednesday, May 10th at 9:45 a.m. (during APP) in Warrior Hall

Matthew Foster, M.A.

Dean of Academics, Upper School
Social Studies Department Head
Little Rock Christian Academy